Women Living Our Purpose and Overcoming Fear in LA

Marilyn Kentz and the Boomerettes

I recently attended a fabulous event in Los Angeles for women called the Women with a Purpose Conference. It was put together by the lovely and extraordinarily entertaining women from winewomenandchocolate.com.  Obviously anyone with a website like that would have to be fun. The conference was an all-day affair that took place at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Click to Continue

Collecting Doors and Travel Memories

Door St Tropez

Do you have a collection of some sort?  I must admit, I’m not much into Click to Continue

Downsizing After 50 Can be a Good Thing

Downsizing to live in bedrock

In 2011, Doug and I downsized. It wasn’t exactly because we wanted to. We didn't Click to Continue

Are You Over 50 with Rocks in Your Ears?

Over 50 ear rocks

Have you ever felt spatially challenged, off balance or dizzy?  You may have Click to Continue

Tuscan Bread and Vegetable Soup – Ribollita Recipe

Tuscan Vegetable Soup

When I was in Tuscany, I loved ordering Tuscan soup.  It was often served with Click to Continue

Baby Boomer Valentine’s Day Romance or Massacre?

Valentines Day Romance or Massacre

Remember when we were in school, and on Valentine’s day, each kid would pass out Click to Continue