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Seafood Pasta Salad Featured

Seafood Pasta Salad

The first time I made this seafood pasta salad it was for a birthday party I had for my 1 year old daughter. Today she's in her late twenties. … Continued Reading



Wine, Balloons and Food in Temecula California

Wine, Balloons and Food in Temecula, California

I mentioned in my last post that I’d attended a blogger conference in Temecula, just north of San Diego, California and talked about my take away there. This time I want highlight the city itself because we spent the weekend there. I was originally going to go there by myself, but asked Doug to come along […]

Traveling Solo

Traveling Solo after 50 – Fun in Las Vegas

Every once in a while, I love to sneak out of town by myself. I took a 4 day trip to Las Vegas to attend an online content creator conference. An online content creator is someone who either writes for online publications, blogs, produces videos, or podcasts on the Internet. For those of you who don’t know, a podcast is […]


older Actresses in Hollywood

Fabulous Older Actresses in Hollywood Rock TV

I’m fortunate that Doug is a member of the Television Academy because we receive copious invitations to screenings and receptions to garner Emmy votes. In the last month, we’ve been to at least three screening/reception/panel discussions for television shows featuring fabulous older actresses in leading roles. They were Grace and Frankie, Veep and American Horror Story Freak Show. […]

Who are you really?

Who Are You Really?

I spent last weekend at a blogging conference in Temecula, California called Bloggy Boot Camp. 150 bloggers from the Southern California area and several from surrounding states attended to learn and network. It was a one day conference that took place about 2 hours from where I live. I was originally going to go by […]

Erica Jong

Made Big Mistakes in Your Life? Let Them Go!

If you’re reading my blog, chances are you’re over 50, although you don’t have to be. If you’ve survived this far, you’ve probably made plenty of big mistakes in your life. I certainly have. Your mistakes may have had something to do with love, finances, career choices or anything in between. Don’t lose sleep over it. No one’s […]